Norsk Industri Teknikk

Norsk Industri Teknikk is supplier of transmissions and automation

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Our product range

Electric Engines

Worm gearbox

Gear boxes


BoWex coupling
Duraflex coupling
Nflex coupling
Trasco coupling
Rotex coupling

We also offer assembly and services through our cooperative company

Bergen Industri Teknikk AS

Timing belts and lock plates

Chains / Sprockets

Ball bearing

Installation, repair, maintenance and sale of products

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Homa dykkpumper

For handling waste water and drainage


For pumping clean water, waste water and sewage containing lots of particles.

Frequency Converter

Our customers

Norsk Industri Teknikk AS has customers in many different industries.


If you have any questions, call us or send a message. We’ll answer you as soon as soon as we can. 

Storbotn 110, 5106 Øvre Ervik, Norway

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